Racing Wheels

Lightweight Machined Racing Wheels
Increase performance with these lightweight  precision machined racing wheels. Less rotating mass allows your car to accelerate and decelerate quicker improving throttle response and car control. Reducing unsprung weight makes the suspension work easier keeping the tires planted on the ground for maximum traction. Opening up the spokes prevents dirt build-up keeping your wheel assembly light and balanced throughout the race. At only 18 grams each, these wheels are 25% lighter -equal to removing one wheel from your car. But since the weight is being removed from the outer surfaces of the spinning mass, from an acceleration perspective, it is actually like removing two wheels from your car.
Precision machined to remove excess weight without reducing strength.  Molded wheels are taper turned on the OD, faced on the step-down bead face, and counter-bored on the spoke face. The side vent holes are part of the molding and exposed after facing.
  • Only 18 grams each!
  • 25% weight reduction
  • Open spoke design sheds dirt build-up
  • 12mm hex drive
  • Wide track +3mm
  • Avid Sabertooth SC10 wheel -modified by Lunar RC
  • Fits SC10, SC10B, SC10 4x4, etc..
$25 pair  -Black

$25 pair  -White

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